Pest & Termite Control Services in South Burnett, Toowoomba and Somerset.

Professional pest control at home service for the South Burnett, Toowoomba and Somerset Regions. 

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 We asses what your property requires and will determine the best course of action to take. Pest infestations and conducive conditions to pest attack in any home will be different to the next. If a preventative treatment is your requirement we will apply one of the most thorough, effective and safe pest treatment you're ever likely to see. Once we have assessed your property we will:

  • Seek out any signs of pest or termite activity.
  • Let you know of any conducive areas for pest ingress and/or activity.
  • Report to you about future maintenance recommendations.


 The treatment method will be suited for your particular property and applied with the greatest of care and attention in order to intercept the pests and save your home and property from infestation. We do not rush through our jobs by being 100% thorough. We like repeat business and do not utilise a high turnover business model to make a living, we'll get to know the house and it's requirements:

  • By keeping a record of any of it's special requirements, such as where a ceiling void is hidden and generally spending an adequate amount of time to get the job done properly.
  • By providing 100% relevant written commentary on any pest issues in the reports.
  • By being courteous and respectful to every property owner's or residents requirements.


Once your property has been inspected and a treatment applied, The Pest Investigators guarantee total quality for your peace of mind. With us you have chosen a licensed AEPMA professional for your pest and termite control services.

  • It is important to fix any conducive conditions as noted in your report.
  • ​Installation of a termite management system will eliminate your risk of attack.
  • ​Yearly and/or monthly monitoring of termite management systems ensures peace of mind.

Qualified and Professional

Qualified and professional pest control in Australia

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Call the Pest Investigators for a renewed customer satisfaction of a traditional service not seen in many years whilst maintaining our Pest and Termite Management Systems with modern equipment. We'll provide you the relevant and up to date information you'll want to know to protect your home from the often devastating consequences of pests.

TPI uses the very latest in technology for pest management and eradication for your valuable assets

New technology

When you choose the Pest Investigators, you are receiving the very latest in technology and coupled with our traditional service and workmanship, you are sure to receive the very best when it comes to defeating the threat of termite ingress. With new technology being implemented coupled with our old school methods of inspection - you can be assured you are hiring a company who is thorough.

TPI is a trustworthy local pest control company that will eradicate your pests

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Termites, cockroaches, ants, wasps, spiders, fleas, mites, ticks, silverfish, beetles, carpet pests, moths, rodents, possums and more, our guaranteed quality treatments will ensure you are 100% satisfied with our pest control service. Save time and money by calling in a professional on 1300 839 916 or you can easily contact us at:

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