Professional Rodent Control

Eliminate rodents from your home or business.

We use a variety of methods to eliminate rats and mice, and provide maintenance advice on ways to keep them out for good.  
Our fluorescent baiting technology makes it easier to attract the rodents to our stations and we stock an array of specialist tools and products to eliminate them, just contact us to find out more. The Pest Investigators can eradicate rodents throughout the South Burnett, Somerset and Toowoomba regions. We are reliable, professional and we're serious about rodent control. Our products and techniques are superior.  

Will the rodent bait hurt my pet if they eat the dead rodent?  

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We do it properly.

Our various techniques and products coupled with professional service will ensure total elimination of rodents. 

Guaranteed quality.

Employ us for your rodent control and you get results guaranteed - we offer your money back if your desired result is not achieved.

Professional Techniques.

Our arsenal of products, years of experience and various techniques will safeguard your premises from rodent invasion.

Stop Rodent Destruction in your home or business.

Employing a licensed professional can save you the hassle and inconvenience of rodent problems in the house or your business premises and our  professional membership with AEPMA, means you can be guaranteed quality workmanship of high standards.

Safety is our highest priority

We consider safety for all occupants of the home to be our highest priority -  We always use lockable stations to prevent tampering from pets or young children and our preventative action plans and application methods are some of the best you'll find, call us on 1300 839 916 for a quality job done. 

Commercial and Residential

Our guaranteed workmanship means you will not pay for treatments you don't need. We are highly experienced pest technicians and warranties are offered on all commercial and residential sites.

The Pest Investigators


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A Local Service

We will arrive on time and on the day and time we arrange. If you need to re-schedule, please be free to do so, we do not charge for any cancellations.

South Burnett Services.

A Prompt and Reliable Pest Control Service in Kingaroy and the South Burnett. 

Somerset Pest Control

An Affordable Pest Control Service for Esk, Kilcoy, Toogoolawah, Linville, Moore & Harlin.  

Toowoomba Pest Control

Quality Pest Control Services in Toowoomba, Highfields, Crows Nest, Yarraman, Cooyar & Oakey.