Frequently Asked Questions - Pest Control

Should I remove items from my cupboards?

Depends on the type of pest and the severity of the problem. If you have an infestation of German Cockroaches or Termites, then yes. If you are seeking a maintenance treatment, we can then normally work around your things and apply a quality treatment.

Are the chemical products safe around kids and pets?

Once the liquid treatment has dried, it is 100% safe around people and pets. Securing pets, ie covering fish tanks and turning off the filter; covering bird averies or preferably removing birds if possible. Supervision or sometimes re-location of dogs and emptying of any animals food bowls would also be recommended -  We will provide further advice over the phone when you book.  

Will the rodent bait hurt my pet if they eat the dead rodent?

No, by the time the rodent dies from the bait, the metabolism of the rodent has used all of the poison and will if your pet eats the dead rodent it will not be harmed. We always use lockable bait stations so your pet or young children cannot access the product. Click here for more information about our rodent control services.

Should I leave the house during a pest control treatment?

It's up to you. Some customers prefer to leave, whilst others are ok to stay. Our products do not have a smell as they are synthetic pyrethroids which are a synthetic version of a natural product. We take good care and proper attention to ensure you and your family enjoy a pest free home without even knowing the pest control treatment has been applied.

How do I prepare for a pest control treatment?

We will assess your property regards to any safety concerns when we arrive on site. Some of the most common safety preparations for pest control are:

*Removal of any clothes on the line, if they are close to the house. (For external spider sprays)

*Removal of plates, cups or other stored items to make way for a german cockroach treatment.

*The best pest control companies will show they care by closing all windows during treatments. 

*Securing family pets ie covering fish tanks and turning off the filter; covering bird averies or preferably removing birds if possible.

*Supervision or sometimes re-location of dogs; emptying any animals food bowls.

Should I clean the spider webs from my walls before the treatment?

No, you should leave webs in place before treatment - this is to treat the webs with our products. It is best to clean the webs off after around two weeks post the treatment being conducted. Click here for more information about our spider control services. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Termites

Does DIY Termite control work by pouring diesel on white ants ?

No, and it makes the situation worse. Using oil or turpentine will also worsen the situation. Additionally, the termiticide products found in stores do not work inside houses very well and should be used primarily for fence posts before termites get to them. DIY termite control inside a house is not recommended as the products available to the public are not adequate to treat the termites properly. Always rely on a termite control professional for managing termites inside a home. 

How do I tell the difference between termites and ants?

Termites can be distinguished from ants due to the fact they have only 2 body segments, whereas ants have 3. Their bodies are white to a pale brown ( this will sometimes differentiate across species and the timbers they are feeding on ) and their heads are usually a darkish brown. They also create "hard" shelter tubes, ant workings will almost always be of fairly soft to touch. Identification with the aid of a microscope can be difficult, so the best way to determine a termite species is by finding a soldier caste.  

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