Professional German Cockroach Control

We'll eliminate these annoying little cockroaches.

Whilst they are known as "german" cockroaches, these critters originate from Asia and have been able to establish themselves all over the world. They are a serious threat to human health as they are a vector of diseases such as Salmonella. These cockroaches do not live outside and will enter your home via human transportation via bags or boxes etc. We have some of the very best methods to destroy the cockroaches inside your home with our quality products and treatment methods. Contact us today to get your professional german cockroach treatment. 

Thorough and Safe

We'll safely remove the infestation of the annoying german cockroaches. The products we use include a granule, liquid, dust and/or gel treatment for the best cockroach killer in your area.

No smell

There is no odour to the treatment. The products used are designed specifically for professional german roach control. We use dust, gel, liquid and granule products to get rid of annoying little cockroaches once and for all.

Roach Habitats

You can tell when they are german cockroaches. They are small and cannot fly. They like dark, moist and warm areas and they can infest inside small crevices, almost always starting in the kitchen and often being most prevalent in that area. They also frequently appear in bathrooms and laundry areas.

First point of advice

If the cockroaches are heavy inside your cupboards, we recommend removing all items prior to treatment to enable us to adequately access areas where they are hiding. These cockroaches can begin to re-populate at just 2 weeks old and each egg produces around 40-50 cockroaches.

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100% Guaranteed Quality Work

We absolutely guarantee a quality outcome with all of our treatments. You can see what some of our previous customers have said about us by clicking here.

The Pest Investigators VS The UFO

Cockroaches feel like unwanted aliens living in your cupboards don't they! Check out this fun video of destroying alien cockroaches by clicking here.

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