How to get rid of German Cockroaches

Thorough and Safe

We'll safely remove any infestation and provide information on how to get rid of german cockroaches and all german cockroach in Nanango, Blackbutt,or Kingaroy infested areas throughout the home. The products we use include a granule, liquid, dust and/or gel treatment for the best roach killer in Murgon

No smell

There is no odour to the treatment. The products used are designed specifically for professional german roach control.

Roach Habitats

Call us on 1300 839 916 for german cockroach treatments and the best professional roach killer.

First point of advice

If the cockroaches are heavy inside your cupboards, we recommend removing all items prior to treatment.

For Further German Roach Information

German Cockroaches - The Facts (pdf)


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