Professional Flea Control

We detest fleas as much as you do.

Fleas are a threat to human health as they are a vector of diseases and they produce a nasty set of bites to our skin. Unborn Fleas can lay dormant in their eggs for many months and will suddenly appear when disturbed as they have adapted to respond to movement for the purposes of obtaining a meal. They are a relatively tiny insect but can be masively annoying when the number get out of control. Sometimes people lay lime dust around their subfloors to stop them with usually less than successful results. Contact us today to professionally control your fleas and take back your home.

Be prepared for the treatment.

We recommend vacuuming all internal areas thoroughly prior to treatments, and the contents of the bag should be incinerated or drowned in hot water to ensure the eggs do not survive and re-infest. All clothes, toys and other easily removable items should be lifted from the floor areas. External areas should be prepared by mowing all grasses and clearing the grounds wherever possible. When we arrive on the day, we will wet down any dusty or dry areas to help to ensure the products absorbs into the ground. We also recommend treating your pets for fleas prior to the treatment taking place.

After the treatment.

Once the treatment has been completed, we recommend for all internal areas to be"agitated". This simply means tapping the internal areas to help to encourage any remaining flea eggs to hatch, and then land in the fresh treatment. There is currently nothing available on the market that can penetrate fleas eggs', which is the reason why this is important once the treatment has been conducted. Good maintenance practices are also recommended such as vacuuming internal areas. We recommend treating your pets before and after the treatment has been completed.

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