Professional Pest Control Companies care about your home.

For our customers peace of mind and to provide complete safety for all.

Prior to any general pest control treatment, we will assess your property when we arrive on site in regards to any safety concerns. As an example some of the some of the most common safety preparations for pest control are:

*Removal of any clothes on the line, if they are close to the house. (For external spider sprays or termite treatments)

*Removal of plates, cups or other stored items to make way for our  treatments.german cockroach

*The best pest control companies will show they care by closing all windows during treatments. 

*Securing family pets ie covering fish tanks and turning off the filter; covering bird averies or preferably removing birds if possible.

*Supervision or sometimes re-location of dogs; emptying any animals food bowls - please call us or ask the technician on the day of the treatment for any other concerns with your pets.