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We can analyse timbers up to 80mm in depth to detect and confirm any termite movement. With the T3i we take out the guess work by providing an accurate inspection service with this device.

About Termites

Termites are a social insect.

They build nests in trees, tree stumps, on fences, in fences, inside concrete structures, up against retaining walls and in lot's of other various other places throughout properties in south east Queensland. They belong to the insect order of Isoptera, and whilst they are often referred to as "white ants" they are in fact very separate from true ants (order Hymenoptera). Like ants, however, they are an insect that uses a "caste" system, that is, each individual has a certain role to play within the colony. The Queen caste - she can lay many thousands of eggs per day. Soldier caste - For the defence of the colony. Worker caste - the main culprits, they are the caste that eats. Reproductive (alate) caste - They are the future kings and queens of new colonies, have limited vision, are poor flyers and often relying on the wind during a colonising flight. If they manange to establish themselves, it usually takes around 2 years for any nest to be able to do substantial damage to any home.

FACT: Termites are more closely related to cockroaches than ants.

Identification of termites.

Termites can be distinguished from ants due to the fact they have only 2 body segments, whereas ants have 3. Their bodies are white to a pale brown ( this will sometimes differentiate across species and the timbers they are feeding on ) and their heads are usually a darkish brown. They also create "hard" shelter tubes, ant workings will almost always be of fairly soft to touch. Identification with the aid of a microscope can be difficult, so the best way to determine a termite species is by finding a soldier caste. Proper termite control can sometimes rely on the professional pest manager using treatment methods that exploit certain characteristics of certain species against them.

FACT: A repellent "barrier" (physically built into the house or a liquid soil treatment) will not kill termites, only repel them. Sometimes they can find their way around them.

What termites do, and why they do it.

They love good humidity and deliberately maintain high levels of humidity in order for them to thrive as they are a very thinly skinned insect. Subterranean termites carry moisture on their backs passing their mucous and/or faeces (eww!) to each other and using it to construct shelter tubes made from processed timbers and soil, this is to conceal themselves. Concealment is one of the methods they use as a defence mechanism from predators, they are a primitive insect and they use this as a method to get into a house and eat the timbers inside for food. They have no idea a house is a house. 

Different species of termite that can potentially attack a home will vary on their preference of timbers whether they be soft or hard wood. All timbers, however, become highly susceptible to termite attack when fungal decay has become established to the timbers. Termites are highly attracted to timbers affected by fungal decay, also known as "dry rot". Their place in nature is that they convert decaying or decayed timbers back into soil, ideally being an essential part of the environment. However you do not have to let them into your house!

FACT: "Treated" timbers can be often misleading. The treatment does not penetrate into the timbers, and over time timbers are susceptible to cracking which can allow access for termites. Another consideration is that carpenters create "off cuts" when constructing a home, creating an ideal place for termites to get in.

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